Cosy Bloom Duftkerze “La Vie Est Belle”

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  • Hochwertiger, unzerbrechlicher Glasbecher mit zeitlosem, schlichtem Design
  • In vielen Farbtönen erhältlich
  • Platzieren Sie es als Unterlage unter dem Glas, um Ihre Möbel vor Hitze zu schützen
  • Das von uns verwendete Wachs ist pflanzliches Sojawachs.

Kopfnote: Schwarze Johannisbeere, Birne
Herznote: Schwertlilie, Jasmin, Orangenblüte
Basisnote: Patchouli, Praline, Tonka, Vanille

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Small size
Scented Candle in Glass Container 170g wax
Container Dimensions: 8.3 x 7.4 cm
Burning Hours: +/- 35

Normal size

Scented Candle in Glass Container 230g wax
Container Dimensions:  8 x 8 x 8 cm
Burning Hours: +/- 50

Big size

Scented Candle in Glass Container 350g
Container Dimensions: Ø 8.4 x 9cm
Burning Hours: +/- 70

  • High quality unbreakable glass tumbler with a timeless, simple design
  • Available in many shades
  • Comes with a wooden lid. Place under the glass as a base to protect your furniture from heat
  • The wax we use is Vegetable Soy Wax.

Vegetable candles are a natural, renewable source, friendly to the environment and to humans.
For the best burning and enjoyment of your candle, follow the steps below:
Be sure to cut your Wooden or Cotton Wick before each use 0.5 cm from
the surface. This helps ensure that you have the right flame and that your candle burns properly. If your flame is low and weak, shorten the wick!
Make sure all the surface on your wax melts during your first use. First Burn at least from 2-4 hours so that your candle burns evenly.
Make sure you place your candle away from any objects or fans.
Never leave candles unattended.
Do not move while it is on and after it goes out, until it cools down.
Burning candles are very hot, avoid touching.
Keep candles away from children and pets.

Gewichtn. a.

170g, 230g, 350g

Behähter Farbe

Glas transparent


Baumwolle, Hölzern


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